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Civil Engineering better by design

GWC Civil Engineers plan years in advance for every storm drainage situation to keep the flood waters from reaching your doorstep.  We work with all forms of Government Agencies, such as TxDOT, the EPA, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, and the Army Corps of Engineers, all the way down to your local City  Government.  We team with the best and the brightest to develop comprehensive infrastructure plans to aid all citizens in their daily lives.

forensic engineering Build on our experience

The engineers at GWC have a long history of working with property owners to develop cost-effective structures.  We keep in mind the up-front cost that you put into these facilities, and understand that unforeseen structural or civil deficiencies are usually costs out of your pocket.  We investigate these issues thoroughly and do our absolute best to minimize the impact on your wallet and your time schedule.

Structural Engineering Intelligent design evolved

Whether you’re building a small commercial utility line or a multi-acre medical care facility, we make your project our project.  At GWC, we take a holistic approach to engineering design from the very beginning.  We draw upon the concepts and concerns of every discipline involved with the project to ensure that it is completed accurately and effectively. We believe collaborative team efforts are imperative to realizing your vision.