GWC Engineering

Your vision, captured.

GWC Engineering

Your vision, captured.

Prioritizing cost and time-efficient designs.

Never sacrificing safety or the vision of the client.
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Serving Locally and Multi-Nationally

GWC Engineering serves clients in a vast array of industries including local and multinational commercial; luxury home, apartment, condominium, and townhouse development; public and private education; large scale water, sanitary sewage, and utility management, transportation infrastructure; healthcare; and private and municipal environmental control. 



Civil Engineers are the designers of the infrastructure that makes your day possible.  Whether it be the road, rail line, walking path, or trail you use to get from point A to point B, or the electrical systems, water, and sewer that you and your family use every day.


Forensic Engineering is detective work.  It involves investigating and reporting on distressed and/or failing existing structures.  As forensic engineers, we evaluate problems and develop solutions to restore or find a remedy for these structures.


Structural Engineering is the art of designing the skeleton that supports or holds up buildings, bridges, retaining walls, residential structures, frameworks and other similar structures, so that they can safely withstand the gravity, wind, and other forces which they are subjected to.

Great work speaks for itself.

we take pride in our work

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